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Login Help

In order to access the UBfirst Application, you will need meet the following requirements:

  1.  A valid UBITName and password

  2. A computer with the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client installed

    • Windows users should already have the required softwarwe installed on their PC's
    • Mac users will need to download and install the most recent version from the Apple App Store
    • ** If you are unable to install the client software, you will need the help of your computer administrator to proceed.
  3. Log-In to UBFirst

    ** Whenever you are asked to enter your UBIT Username, always preceed the UBIT Username with the domain "ad\" as indicated in the instructions. example: ad\ubitname

Other Questions:

What if I get the "You Must Enter A Valid Domain Name" error?

  • The domain name of "ad\" should be prepended on to your UBIT username whenever you are prompted for a user name. For example, ad\ubitname

What if I get an "Invalid Credentials" error?

  • If you are certain you entered your correct UBIT username/password, you most likely need to change your UBIT password.  How do I change my password?


Where do I contact someone to give me more assistance?

  1. Contact someone from UBF Support
  2. Contact someone from the User Support in your department
  3. Contact someone from the UB CIT Helpdesk