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Converting from UBFWIT to UBF Checkout

UBF Checkout will be replacing UBFWIT for online credit card/eCheck processing. This page is intended to be a brief overview of the differences between the two services. For more in-depth information on UBF Checkout, please see the developer documentation at and the UBF Checkout demo here:

UBF Checkout is a hosted shopping cart like PayPal and other similar online credit card processing systems. Users are able to add an item, or several items, to the cart and pay with a credit card or eCheck. UBF Checkout is also able to interface with an existing shopping cart system that you may be already using on your website.

To begin using UBF Checkout, you will need to complete the set up form here:

Like UBFWIT, UBF Checkout will notify you of payments through itemized merchant-copy email receipts. Also like UBFWIT, UBF Checkout can send your web server transaction details allowing you to record them in your own database/back-end tracking system.

The below table shows the required web form fields for UBF Checkout and, if applicable, the corresponding field in UBFWIT. You'll notice that they are very similar. UBF Checkout has many additional optional fields to customize your items with options. For more in-depth information, please see the developer documentation at

Required fields for UBF Checkout and corresponding UBFWIT field, if applicable
add N/A
amount charge_amount
item_name transaction_desc
service_type_code service_type_code
site_code connecting_site_code
ubf_account ubf_account
N/A post_back_url (see below)

The post_back_url variable is no longer required with UBF Checkout, however, UBF Checkout can still send your web server payment details. For security reasons, we've removed the post_back_url as a hidden form variable you submit to us. Instead, your URL is saved in our database. When payments are made with UBF Checkout, payment details are sent "silently" to your URL that's saved in our database. This means it is no longer exposed in the source code of your web form, increasing security. You can choose one URL for every UBF account you use. You can specify your URL on the UBF account set up form. If no URL is specified for a UBF account, then nothing gets sent to your server.