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Account Access List:

  • This report is used to view a listing of all accounts that your Username has access to. This was done to make it easier for a user to determine if they still need to request further account access on the system.

Revenues by Source Code/Service Type

Revenues Report Prompt Window.

  • To run this report, enter an account or choose one by clicking on the downarrow.
  • The date range defaults to the start of fiscal year to today's date.
  • If the user wishes to enter deposit numbers instead of using all deposit numbers, remember that they must be separated by commas. (eg. 001,002,003)
  • For both source codes and service types, the default is set to include all.

Revenue Lookup Screen

Revenue Transaction Lookup Window

The Revenue Transaction Lookup is available by clicking on the Transaction button that is on the button bar. From there you need to click on the Revenue Tab.

From this lookup screen, you can do a search for transactions by the deposit number, or by the transaction date. When you click on OK you will get a list of all transactions, from the accounts you have access to, which meet the criteria entered.

Scanned Documents

In the summer of 2000, the UB Foundation began a document scanning project. Disbursement Requests and Journal Vouchers were scanned and made available on the computer for lookup. It works like an electronic filing cabinet. You can view the document that is associated with transactions, where applicable.

In both the transaction lookup and transaction listing (which comes from the Account Summary), image buttons appear where a scanned document is available.

Transaction Listing

Transaction Listing Screen

Pictured above is the window of detail available by double clicking on the Transaction Summary quadrant.

Using the radial buttons in the bottom of the Transaction Listing window, you can switch between expense, revenue, or payroll transactions for the account.

Trial Balance Report

Trial Balance Report Prompt Window.

  • This report can only be run by someone with access to all the accounts under a given Entity. If the user does not have access to all these accounts there will be no items to select in the Entity Drop Down.
  • Enter the month/year to run the report through. (eg. 042005)
  • Next, select an Entity.
  • The report will show Debits, Credits and Group Totals for the accounts in the Entity Selected.

UBFWIT Transactions Report

UBFWIT Transactions Report Prompt Window.

  • This report is available for users that have accounts that use UBFWIT.
  • It will show a list of UBFWIT transactions for the account selected.
  • The date range defaults to the start of fiscal year until the current date.
  • The default selection of the report is not to show failed transactions. To change this, place a check in the Show Failed: checkbox.

User Account Setup

In order to access UBFirst, you are required to have valid UBITName and password.

To obtain a valid UBITName and password you will need to got this link

After your have received a valid UBITName, you will have to submit a request to the UB Foundation in order to get access to all UBF accounts necessary. You will be notified once you have been granted access to your accounts.

What is UBFirst?

UBFirst is the UB Foundation Information and Reporting System.

This system allows account holders to inquire into their accounts and do any of the following tasks: