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Online User Guide

View Personal Information and Documents

My Info, Paystubs and W-2 forms



In order to view your paystubs and W-2 forms, you must meet the requirements for logging into the UBFirst Application



Account Access List

This report is used to view a listing of all accounts that your Username has access to. This was done to make it easier for a user to determine if they still need to request further account access on the system.

Account Overview

Account Overview Screen

Pictured above is the window of detail available by double clicking on the Account Overview quadrant. Basic information about the account is available on this screen.

Account Number

10 Digit Account Number.

Account Desc.

Account Description given by the UB Foundation

Account Type

Whether the account is a(n) agency, asset, expense, fund, income, or liability account.

Date Account Opened

Date that the account in question was opened.

Account Summary


Account Overview

The account overview holds basic information about the account.

Encumbrance Summary

Current summary of encumbrances (outstanding expenses).

Transaction Summary

Net revenues and expenses for the current and previous two fiscal years.

Balance Listing Report

Balance Listing Report Prompt Window.

  • Balance Listing Reports can not be run on accounts with Budgets.
  • In order to see encumbrance data please select a date that is either today or in the future.

Button Bar


Lookup UBF Account Summary by:

  • Account Number
  • Account Name
  • University Entity
  • Financial Responsibility
  • Browse All Accounts (that you have access too)


Lookup transactions by vendor name, disbursement request number, deposit number, or by payroll check date/employee name.


Run one of many UB Foundation Reports.

Open Encumbrance Summary

Open Encumbrance Summary Window

Pictured above is the window of detail available by double clicking on the Open Encumbrances quadrant.