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Service Revenues

UBF Checkout

UBF Checkout is an e-commerce service offered by the UB Foundation allowing web sites to collect credit card and e-check payments online.

UBF Account Set-up Form

Administrative Fee Policies

Administrative Fees are applied as a percentage of the gross revenue dollars received. These fees are applied to liquid funds received such as cash, checks, and securities. When personal property items are converted to cash, these policies also apply.

Administrative Fee Policy Definitions

Endowment Principal Gifts

Gifts from all sources directed to endowment principal accounts, where the intent is to invest the funds and generate annual expendable investment return.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open a UB Foundation Account?

Submit this account setup form to request a UBF Account.

Who can make a deposit?

Anyone can make a deposit. You have to have signatory control to process a disbursement.

When will the funds be available?

The funds will be available at the time you make the deposit. Be sure to tell your accounts payable clerk that you made a recent deposit.



Types of Revenues


Support given voluntarily by a source external to the University for which no goods or services were provided.

Faculty Practice Payments

Resources transferred from clinical practice entities to support the general needs of a University unit.

Service Revenues

UB Foundation Activities, Inc. and its affiliated entities process a wide range of non-gift service revenues on behalf of the University at Buffalo. Non-gift service revenues are generated from the following activities: