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The following is required for meetings (including luncheon meetings).

Central Duplicating/Campus Mail Charges

Central duplicating/campus mail charges are processed as follows: The original invoice, along with the original request for services form, are forwarded by central duplicating/campus mail directly to the Foundation for payment. This paperwork, containing the approval of an authorized account signatory and a UB Foundation account number, is charged to the appropriate account. The charges appear on the account which can be viewed through UB First. If there are any discrepancies in the charges posted to an account, central duplicating/campus mail should be contacted to resolve the discrepancy.


Occasionally, it is necessary for departments to temporarily loan a faculty or staff person money. The loans must have a properly documented business purpose and cannot be personal in nature. The loans are to be given for a short-term period, generally not exceeding 30 days. The forms required to transact a loan include a Disbursement Request, Loan Transaction Form and a Power of Attorney Form.

Independent Contractors/Employees

The Independent Contractor Questionnaire Form must be completed and submitted along with a disbursement request, requesting payment for services to an individual who is not an employee of the University, Research Foundation, or UB Foundation. This is necessary in order to establish the relationship with the individual as being independent of an employer - employee type which would subject the payment to payroll taxes.

Foreign Individuals Performing Services as an Independent Contractor

Various requests are submitted to provide payments for service or expense reimbursements to guest lecturers and other visitors/students who are in the U.S. under a visa.

The Internal Revenue Service continues to impose more restrictive regulations relative to payments to non-citizen independent contractors. The following information is required in order to process a payment to a foreign individual for:

A. Independent Personal Services (Independent Contractor/Honoraria)

1. VISA or I-94 Form

Extra Service Compensation

UB Foundation is required by the University to follow the policies regarding payment for extra service compensation outlined in the SUNY at Buffalo Policy and Procedure for Extra Service Compensation and Summer Employment, as approved by the President of the University, March 21, 1988. This policy requires various prior department head and provost office approvals for additional compensation to be paid by UBF to individuals who are either full or part-time employees of the State or Research Foundation.

General Documentation Requirements

All expenditures must be justified and documented in order to be paid. Expenditures are to be documented in one of the following ways:

Disbursement Requests

The standard form used by UBF to process expenditures is a Disbursement Request (DR). A blank DR form is available online for UBF Services and UBF Activities.