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Administrative Fee Policies

Administrative Fees are applied as a percentage of the gross revenue dollars received. These fees are applied to liquid funds received such as cash, checks, and securities. When personal property items are converted to cash, these policies also apply.

Administrative Fee Policy Definitions

Endowment Principal Gifts

Gifts from all sources directed to endowment principal accounts, where the intent is to invest the funds and generate annual expendable investment return.

Expendable Gifts

Gifts from all sources where the intent is to have the gift spent on University programs.

Endowment Fund Revenues

Expendable investment return generated by the endowment portfolio.

Sponsored Program Revenues

Revenues that support projects for which there is a contractual obligation to provide a specified work product for a specific sponsor.

Activity and Service Revenues

Revenues from faculty practice, continuing education, event admissions, social activity fees, and other sales and services that do not fall into any other category.

Charitable Trusts and Gift Annuities Revenues

Donor payments to charitable arrangements through which benefits to designated persons are provided for a period, after which the remainder is made available for the university.