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Travel and Mileage

General Information

A travel reimbursement can be made using a disbursement request or a travel voucher. The travel reimbursement request should include dates of departure and return home, days attributable to business activities, location of travel, and a brief statement of the business reason for the travel. Any agendas, brochures or other material pertinent to the trip that is available should also be attached. Guidelines for documentation related to the following include:


The preferred documentation to support airfare is the original passenger coupon form. When the original coupon is submitted, the customer copy of the credit card slip is not required. However, in light of changes in the airline industry, many airlines now offer the option of electronic ticketing. In these cases there is no passenger coupon. If this electronic method is used, travelers should submit the original boarding passes and original documentation showing evidence of payment (i.e., cancelled check, credit card slip, or credit card statement). TIP - To avoid the documentation hassles associated with electronic ticketing, it is possible to request that tickets be issued as in the past which will provide the passenger coupon necessary for reimbursement.

NOTE: Air travel should be at coach fare whenever possible. If it is necessary to fly business or first class, a written explanation must be included with the voucher package.


This amount must be supported by an original hotel bill which details the individual charges between room, restaurant, and other miscellaneous items. The customer copy of the credit card slip or cancelled check, although preferred, is not required. Thus it is important that an original hotel bill be secured to obtain reimbursement since reimbursement cannot be made with only a credit card slip or cancelled check. Reimbursement for pay TV's, movies, laundry, honor bars, personal telephone calls is not allowed.


The number of meals and amount must be supported by original restaurant receipts along with the customer copy of the credit card slip. In the absence of original receipts, federal per diem amounts can be used for reimbursement. Please be advised that these per diems include $3/day for incidental expenses including tips for bellhops, porters, baggage carriers, hotel maids, stewards, and stewardesses.

Personal Auto

The number of miles is multiplied by the standard IRS allowance.

Other Transportation

This amount is supported by original receipts for taxi, other forms of transportation or tolls.

NOTE: When original receipts are not provided for meals or other transportation, per diem amounts established by the IRS are used for reimbursement. A photocopy of any such evidence is not acceptable since this would raise questions with the IRS as to duplicate reimbursement. However, under circumstances where the original receipts, bills, etc. were submitted to the State for partial reimbursement, photocopies of such evidence along with a copy of the voucher submitted to the State will be acceptable. Reimbursement cannot be made for items already being reimbursed by the State. All cancelled checks will be returned with the reimbursement check, if requested.

Non-Overnight Trips

When a non-overnight trip requires an individual to leave at least one hour prior to their normal starting time they are entitled to reimbursement for breakfast. When a non-overnight trip requires an individual to return at least two hours later than their normal ending time they are entitled to reimbursement for dinner. Reimbursement will be provided up to the amount of actual receipts. In the absence of receipts, UBF will use State established per diems of $5 for breakfast and $12 for dinner. These non-overnight meals are taxable per IRS guidelines and will be reimbursed through the UBF payroll process.