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General Documentation Requirements

All expenditures must be justified and documented in order to be paid. Expenditures are to be documented in one of the following ways:

  • Original invoice from vendor to be paid
  • Original paid store or vendor receipt along with an explanation of items purchased. If payment was made by check or credit card, the cancelled check or credit card slips should also be submitted. However, reimbursement cannot be made with only cancelled checks or credit card slips.
  • Original restaurant receipt and credit card slip for meals and meetings at restaurants. The business purposes and name and titles of individuals attending (present) must be documented. If the expense covers a large number of people who are members of a readily identifiable group (i.e. faculty of a particular department, seminar participants), it is sufficient to designate the class of people.
  • Original conference/seminar registration form or subscription/periodical order form to be paid directly to the vendor.