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Business Credit Cards

UB Foundation, Activities (UBFA) offers a business credit card through American Express to aid in procuring and paying for small dollar purchases up to $2,500 each and a maximum of up to $10,000 per monthly cycle.

University or Research Foundation employees may apply for a business card by filling out the attached UBFA Credit Card Application. A default account will need to be included on the application. Actual charges can be allocated to specific UBF accounts through the month end reconciliation process.  The completed application must be signed by the cardholder and approved by the Dean or Vice President. The application should be submitted to UBFA at the Center for Tomorrow.

Business credit card holders must also read the UBFA Credit Card – Guidelines. The guidelines outline rules and procedures for using the business card.

At the end of the billing cycle, each Cardholder will be responsible for verifying all charges on the card and submitting a monthly reconciliation with appropriate approval. The Cardholder must review the monthly statement for accuracy and submit original receipts and proper documentation for each charge. The completed monthly reconciliation, business card statement, original receipts and documentation must be submitted to UBFA at the Center for Tomorrow within 15 days.