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Revenues by Source Code/Service Type

Revenues Report Prompt Window.

  • To run this report, enter an account or choose one by clicking on the downarrow.
  • The date range defaults to the start of fiscal year to today's date.
  • If the user wishes to enter deposit numbers instead of using all deposit numbers, remember that they must be separated by commas. (eg. 001,002,003)
  • For both source codes and service types, the default is set to include all. The user may select to Include or Exclude based on a selection.
    1. First, select the desired affect from the drop down (Include or Exclude)
    2. Next click on the downarrow next to the field you want to add items too (source codes, or service types.)
    3. On this new window, the right hand side will hold all items that are selected by the user.
    4. To select items, either double click, or select them in the left side and click the >>> button.
    5. Press Ok to save your selection.
  • The report can also be shown in one of four ways.
    • The first selection option is to show by Detail or by Summary.
    • The Sort by can be by Deposit Number or by Source Code/Service Type.
  • Once done making all these choices, click Ok to run the report.