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Account Access List:

  • This report is used to view a listing of all accounts that your Username has access to. This was done to make it easier for a user to determine if they still need to request further account access on the system.

Account Activity Report:

  • Shows account activity for an account for a selected date range.
  • May be run for a range of accounts to produce a report for each account in the range.

Balance Listing Report:

  • Gives the Balances, Encumbrances and Net Balances for an account or account range for a given date.
  • Budget Accounts will not show up on this report.
  • Encumbrances are available only when the entered date is equal to or greater than today's date.

Budget Status Detail Report:

  • Calculates expenditures for a given date range for a single account.

Budget Status Summary Report:

  • Summarizes expenditures for a series of accounts.

Detailed Account Description:

  • Gives summary reports and also detailed reports of expenses and revenues for an account or account range.

Labor Expenditure Report:

  • Shows labor expenses for an account or range of accounts if you have payroll access to those accounts.

Non-Donor Listing for Cash Receipts:

  • Displays non-donor revenue information for an account or account ranges.

Revenues by Source Code/Service Type:

  • Shows either detailed or summary reports, based on selction criteria, of revenues for an account or account range.

Trail Balance Report:

  • Requires access to all the ccounts in an Entity. Only currently available for certain Entities. Shows a report of debits and credits and then a group total.

UBFWIT Transactions Report:

  • This report is used to track UBFWIT transaction from the UBFirst system.