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Budget Summary Report

Budget Summary Report Prompt Window.

  • This report gives a budget summary for a range of accounts. It will list expenditures before, and during the chosen expense period, totaling up to the available budget.
  • Like the Budget Status Detail Report, this too will only run for accounts with budgets.
  • The selection of accounts can be chosen by one of four ways:
    1. account range
    2. entity
    3. financial responsibility
    4. stored lists
  • The budget start and end date must fall within the same fiscal year.
  • The expense date range must fall within the budget date range.
  • If you choose a fiscal year, the expenses used to calculate the total expenditures will be limited to those accredited to the fiscal year you choose.
  • You have the option to choose whether or not to include encumbrances to date on this report.