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University at Buffalo Foundation, Inc.

P.O. Box 900
Buffalo, NY 14226-0900
Phone: (716) 645-3013
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Account Overview

Account Overview Screen

Pictured above is the window of detail available by double clicking on the Account Overview quadrant. Basic information about the account is available on this screen.

Account Number

10 Digit Account Number.

Account Desc.

Account Description given by the UB Foundation

Account Type

Whether the account is a(n) agency, asset, expense, fund, income, or liability account.

Date Account Opened

Date that the account in question was opened.

Take Fees

Notes if the account has fees applied to it.


University Faculty/Department code. This is a four digit number assigned by the UB Foundation which is converted into the appropriate State Entity Code.

Entity Name

Entity Name and code fromt the UB Foundation System.


Univerity hierarchy description and code. This is the 4 digit univerity hierarchy code.

Financial Resp.

Financial resposibility category that this account falls in, as designated by the university.