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Institutional Loan Fund Frequently Asked Questions

1)  How can I receive an Institutional Loan?

Please contact the Student Response Center and speak with a financial aid advisor at (716) 645-2450 for information on obtaining an Institutional Loan.

2)  When do I receive payment coupons for my Institutional Loan?

Initially, you will receive payment information a few months prior to your graduation date which will include coupons through January of the following year.  Subsequent payment coupons are mailed annually in early January.  This  mailing will include coupons for February through January.  Annual statements for each note will also be mailed at this time.  If your graduation date has changed, or if you do not receive this information, please contact Paula Miller at (716) 645-5000 Ext. 1314 or e-mail

3) What are the acceptable methods of payment for an Institutional Loan?

a) Check or money order payable to: University at Buffalo Foundation Inc. Inst Loan Fund
b) Cash (in-person payment only)
c) Credit Card Payments Online (e-Pay). We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.
d) e-check

 NOTE: Automatic debits are not accepted at this time.

4) Do I need to make separate payments for each Institutional Loan?

You may make all Institutional Loan payments with one check or one online transaction.  If paying by check, you must include all payment coupons to ensure your payment is properly credited to each note. If making a payment online, your payment will be applied to each of your outstanding notes based on your current repayment terms unless you contact Paula Miller within 24 hours of your confirmed transactions. Please email Ms. Miller at with your payment instructions.

5)  Where should I mail my payment for my Institutional Loan?

University at Buffalo Foundation Inc.
Institutional Loan Fund
Box 900
Buffalo, New York  14226-0900

6)  Can I request a deferment on my Institutional Loan?

Click on deferment to view information, including forms, regarding deferments available.

7)  What if I do not make timely payments for my Institutional Loan?

Failure to make timely payment may affect your credit rating.  If you are aware that you will be unable to make timely payments, you may be eligible for a deferment.  Information and forms are available regarding deferments on our web site.

If your account is 30 or more days past due, a Checkstop will be placed on your account.  This checkstop will terminate all University services including your ability to:

Your account may be referred to the Attorney General's Office or a collection agency.  If your account has be sent to the Attorney General's Office, you must direct all questions to their office at (518) 474-1717.

  • a) Register
    b) Receive Transcripts
    c) Receive Diplomas

8)  How can I get a checkstop removed from my account for a Institutional Loan in default?

There are two payment options to immediately have a "G" checkstop removed from your account: 

a)      You may pay via credit card or e-check on-line.  If you choose this method, please contact Paula Miller directly @ 645-5000 ext. 1314 after you receive on-line confirmation of your payment.  

b)      Cash or Money Order payment may be taken to the University at Buffalo Foundation at The Center for Tomorrow.  If possible, payment coupons should accompany payment. Request that UB Foundation contact this office to tell us the amount received. 

Once our office is notified we will verify that this will bring the account current and remove the "G" checkstop.

IMPORTANT:  This does not apply if your account is at the Attorney General’s Office.

For  information regarding other checkstops, please click here.

9)  Who should I contact if my Institutional Loan Account has been forwarded to the Attorney General's Office?

All questions regarding your account must be directed to the Attorney General's Office.  You may contact the Attorney General's Office at (518)  474-1717.

10) How can I obtain the following information regarding my Institutional Loans?

For this information, please contact Paula Miller at (716) 645-5000 Ext. 1314 or send e-mail to

  • a) Coupons for the current year
    b) Statements
    c) Pay-off balance information