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General Guidelines

Are there any expenses that cannot be reimbursed?

As a general rule, UBF cannot reimburse for personal expenses or political contributions.

Is UBF exempt from NY state sales tax?


What should be done if a vendor includes sales tax on an invoice?

Contact the vendor and provide them a sales tax exemption form. You may also request on the DR, when it is being submitted for payment, to have UBF send a copy of the sales tax exemption form along with the payment. The amount authorized on the DR should not include the amount for the NY state sales tax. Click here for the Exempt Organization Certificate.

Is there a deadline for when I can submit reimbursement for my expenditures?

As a general rule, requests for reimbursements should be submitted in a timely manner.

Who do I call if I have any questions?

Please contact the AP Associate responsible for your department or submit your question via the link on the website. The AP Associate listing is under staff directory.

How do I pay a new U.S. vendor?

A completed W9 form needs to be provided with the approved expenditure form (DR or eReq) before payments can be made to a new vendor.

Purchases and Expenditures

What paper work do I need to submit to process an invoice for payment?

The standard form used by UBF to process expenditures is a Disbursement Request (DR). The DR form must include the business purpose for the expenditure and be signed by an authorized signatory. In lieu of a DR, the department may also use UB’s eReq system to process expenditures.

Is UB’s eReq system available for UBF expenditures?

Yes, UB’s eReq system can be used to make purchases using a purchase order. The eReq system is administered by UB’s Purchasing department. The link to access the eReq system is as follows: For UBF accounts, when using the eReq system, an account signatory must be involved in the documentation or eReq approval. For purchase orders of $5,000 or more, the UB web receiving function should be used. For purchase orders under $5,000, UBF accounts payable will match the invoice with the purchase order and pay after 10 days unless notified by the department. Departments must maintain the record of receipt of goods and services in their offices for these orders.

Can I get an advance for an expenditure?

An employee of UB may get an advance for a UB business expenditure by filling out a DR. After the expenditure is completed, the employee should submit original receipts to clear the advance. An employee may only have one outstanding advance at any time.

Does UBF have business credit cards?

UBF has business credit cards available through American Express to aid in procuring and paying for small dollar purchases up to $2,500 each. Items to be purchased may include any business-related travel, meals, supplies, equipment, and other appropriate expenses permitted under current university and departmental guidelines. Please contact UBF AP to request a business credit card.

What if I have insufficient funds to pay an expenditure?

Payments cannot be made from accounts with insufficient funds.

Can a single expenditure be paid from multiple UBF accounts?


How long does it take to process a check?

On average, after UBF receives the expenditure request, it takes approximately one week to process the request. Additional processing time is required if the expenditure amount is $50,000 or more. Please contact your AP Associate for more information.

Travel, Meeting and Entertainment

What documentation is required for reimbursement for meals?

In addition to the original receipt, include the business purpose, location of the meal and list of the attendees with their business affiliation.

Are all meals reimbursable?

UBF cannot, by current university policy, reimburse for meals when engaged in routine university business during normal business hours.

Does UBF use per diem rates? If so, how are they calculated and what backup is needed with the DR?

Travelers have the option of using the state/federal per diem rates or actual costs but not both. Per diem daily rates can be found on the CONUS Per Diem website. UBF will reimburse based on time of departure and/or arrival. Attach a copy of the per diem rate sheet to the DR. UBF cannot reimburse using first or last day of travel calculation used listed on the CONUS website which is consistent with UB policy.

The IRS per diem rate includes meals and incidentals. What is considered an Incidental expense?

According to the IRS, incidental expenses include fees and tips given to porters, baggage carriers, hotel staff and staff on ships. If you are claiming per diem, these items are included in the daily per diem rate.

Can I be reimbursed for incidentals if I am not claiming per diem, but am being reimbursed for actual meal expenses?

According to the IRS, incidental expenses are allowed up to $5 per day.

Does UBF reimburse for spousal meals/travel?

Consistent with IRS guidelines, if a spouse, dependent or other individual attends a business trip or business convention, his/her travel or entertainment expenses cannot be reimbursed. However, these costs can be reimbursed if there is clearly documented business purpose, rather than a personal or social purpose for providing the travel or entertainment. If there is a clearly documented business purpose, spousal meals/travel should be approved in advance in writing by the Provost, Vice President or President as appropriate.

Moving Expenses

Are moving expenses reimbursable?

UBF follows the guidelines outlined in IRS Publication 521 regarding reimbursement of business related moving expenses. "Qualified moving expenses" can be reimbursed by UBF. "Non-Qualified moving expenses", if reimbursed, will be treated as taxable compensation to the individual. Additional details on moving expenses can also be found on the UB website.

Payments to Individuals (U.S. Residents, Resident Aliens and Non Resident Aliens)

Can a UB State or RF employee be paid for other services performed through accounts payable?

As a general rule, when UBF makes a payment to an individual for services and the individual is a full or part-time UB or RF employee, UBF must treat the individual as a UB employee. This requires the payment to be processed through normal payroll processing procedures rather than accounts payable processing procedures. These payments require Extra Service Compensation Approval.

Are there any special requirements to pay an independent contractor?

The Independent Contractor Questionnaire Form should be completed and submitted along with a DR. This is necessary in order to establish the relationship with the individual as being independent of an employer - employee relationship which would subject the payment to payroll processing.

How do I pay a student for a scholarship?

Scholarships should be coordinated through Financial Aid and be paid directly to a student’s account. Additional documentation is required for non-resident aliens. Additional details can be found on the UBF website.

How do I pay an award or prize?

Awards or prizes should be paid directly to the recipient. A W9 form, as well as the award notification letter should accompany the DR. Checks should be made payable to the individual and their home address. If the department would like the check for presentation, please note on the DR. Awards to non-resident aliens require special attention for taxation purposes.


Who approves an expenditure?

The approver must be an authorized signatory on the account. An authorized signatory may not approve any DR for which they receive benefit and a signature at a higher level is required in accordance with the UB Approval Authority policy.

Policies and Forms

Where can I access electronic forms?

Click here for access to Electronic forms.

What policies does UBF follow?

UBF follows Federal and/or State regulations, SUNY policies, donor designations and directed UB practices. For specific questions regarding whether an expenditure is reimbursable, please contact your AP Associate prior to making the expenditure.


How can I access the balances on my accounts?

UBFirst is an online information and reporting system. The system allows account holders to inquire into their UBF accounts. Such inquires include getting account balances, looking up transactions, viewing scanned documents, looking up encumbrances and running reports.

How do I get access to UBFirst?

Fill out the on-line UBFirst account request.


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