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Trustees Emeriti

The board of trustees may from time to time elect one or more emeriti trustees to assist the board in its duties. Such emeriti trustees shall be selected from those trustees who have retired from the board and shall serve at the pleasure of the board.

Emeriti trustees shall have no vote, duties, powers or obligations other than to render, either as individuals or as a group, advisory opinions to the board with respect to such matters pertaining to the affairs of the foundation as may be presented to them by the board for consideration.



R.I. BendersonR.I. Benderson

Under Review

L.P. CastellaniL.P. Castellani

Under Review

W.M.E. ClarksonW.M.E. Clarkson


E.E. GrantE.E. Grant


M.E. HamisterM.E. Hamister

Under Review

J.M. JacobsJ.M. Jacobs

University Council Chair

R. B. Newman IIR. B. Newman II

Under Review

J.N. Walsh III

Under Review