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University at Buffalo Foundation, Inc.

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Administrative Fees

Gift Revenues

  • Endowment Principal Gifts -- 0%
  • Expendable Gifts -- 5%

Endowment Fund Revenues

While no fee is deducted from any gifts to the principal of an endowment, an endowment fee amounting to approximately 1% of the value of each endowment fund is charged each year.

Sponsored Program Revenues

The Office of Sponsored Programs determines the fee structure for privately funded sponsored programs.

Activity and Service Revenues

The general university service fee (GUSF) applies to activities and services revenues. Effective November 1, 2011 the GUSF is 13%. This revenue category includes all revenues except gifts, sponsored programs and investment revenue. Such revenue items are faculty practice, continuing education, event admissions, social activity fees, and other sales and services.  Transfer/deposits between funding sources (IFR, RF and FSA) will not be assessed GUSF.  Proper supporting documentation must be supplied that indicates funds are from UB for IFR and RF transfer/deposits. 

The University at Buffalo GUSF fee policy can be found at Library/General University Service Fee.pdf

Charitable Trusts and Gift Annuities

For all charitable trusts administered by UB Foundation, an annual fee is charged of approximately 0.5% of the beginning-of-the-year market value.

For all gift annuities administered by UB Foundation, a fee totaling less than 0.5% of the beginning-of the-year market value is charged on the annual income allocation.

Upon final distribution of trust or annuity assets, standard gift revenue fees are applied.

For those charitable trusts not administered by UB Foundation, standard gift revenue fees are applied upon receipt of distribution from the trust.

Credit Card and ECheck Bank Fees

  • American Express 2.15%
  • ECheck 1.75%
  • MasterCard/Visa/Discover  1.782%